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About our Bath & Body Products

Our product lines have been carefully chosen to reflect The Spa Room’s core values, and to give our clients something special to use at home.  All of our products are natural, and most are organic.  We’re proud to partner with each of these businesses, and are excited to share them with you!

red flowerRed Flower: our most sophisticated line

Red Flower’s founder is the former VP of Shiseido, and the brand premiered at Barney’s New York.  Mary went to Manhattan to scout these products, and they’re currently a staff favorite.  Red Flower creates their products based on body care practices from around the world, and their organic, botanical lines can help you to create ritual in your everyday life.  Their textures are sublime, and the blending of the fragrances is unparalleled.
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Woodsprite: homemade organic products

WoodSprite is our indie product line, handcrafted in Michigan.  Their founder was raised in a family of healers, and creates her products with the motto, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
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auracaciaAura Cacia: pure essential oils

California based Aura Cacia creates pure essential oils designed with the beginner in mind.  They source and create their oils from around the world, carefully supervising the process to be certain that the products are ethical and sustainable, and the final product meets their production standards.  We like Aura Cacia as a budget-friendly option for simple, home use.  Try their oils in a diffuser, in cleaning products, or for basic bath and body care.  For a more in-depth, therapeutic aromatherapy experience, we recommend a consultation with Master Aromatherapist Patricia Bonnard at Starchaser Aromatics & Energy Work.
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Evolve Skin: locally crafted

At The Spa Room, we believe that it is important to support small, local business.  When we discover a local business that we can really get behind, we support them as much as we can. Locals may recognize Evolve Skin from their product-making classes at Living Social’s 918 F Street.
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bindiBindi: ayurvedic skincare – Coming Soon!

Bindi’s products are based on ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing practices.  Bindi’s founder marries her background in ayurveda with the knowledge of an esthetician and degrees in botany and chemistry. We can’t wait until we receive our first order of  Bindi! If you would like pre-order please email and we will keep you updated on availability
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Weleda: natural for 90 years

Weleda was the first line we carried, and our spa enhancement menu was developed around its products.  A Swiss company, Weleda has been making natural, sustainable products since 1921–long before organic was a buzzword.
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eminenceEminence: organic skincare from Hungary- Coming Soon!

Founded in 1958, Eminence creates products in the tradition of small Hungarian villages.  Using the same natural ingredients that have been used for centuries, they hand pick and hand mix ingredients to create sustainable products. We can’t wait until we receive our first order of Eminence! If you would like pre-order please email and we will keep you updated on availability.
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*Please allow up to 7 days for product delivery.  If you need your products faster, contact us to check availability before purchasing.