ATM Class Descriptions

Total Body Tune Up
Over the course of these 5 lessons we will attend to the essential aspects of moving with more ease, awareness and efficiency.

Improving Your Posture
Simple movement sequences done lying, sitting and standing to help you sit and stand with more ease.

Easier Turning
Being able to rotate around the spine is essential for optimal functioning, and this series will address releasing tension along the spine and integrating the full body for easier turning.

Healthier Hip Joints
Our hip joints allow us to sit, walk, run, practice yoga and dance. Without properly functioning hip joints all of these activities are more difficult and even uncomfortable. In this workshop we will explore how to use the full articulation in your hips in ways that are healthy and appropriate. Learn movement sequences designed to allow you to access their full range of motion, learn to differentiate and integrate the hip joints and lower back, and how to release tension in the deep hips.

Relaxing the Jaw
If you suffer from jaw tension or dysfunction you may experience headaches, eyestrain, neck and shoulder discomfort or find yourself grinding your teeth. This workshop will offer simple, highly effective movement sequences that will address important aspects of jaw and mouth functioning. By improving the functioning of your jaw and mouth you will release tension, organize more efficiently and lessen your discomfort.

Reducing Neck and Shoulder Tension: Holding habitual tension in the neck and shoulders is a fact of modern life and greatly impedes our daily activities. Participants in this workshop will learn specific movement sequences to recognize your habitual tendencies as well as shift inefficient movement patterns into easy, fluid movement. By focusing your attention on differentiating and integrating the movements of the shoulder girdle with the neck and head, your will experience greater ease, articulation and comfort.

A More Supple Spine: A supple spine is essential to efficient and graceful movement, yet often we develop a rigid spine through habits or tension. We will explore how to allow the spine to be more supple without loosing its integrity and support. This workshop is appropriate for anyone who wishes to move with more ease, comfort and an integrated spine.

Relieving Lower Back Pain: Because many of us sit all day we suffer from a tight or painful lower back. In this series you will learn simple exercises to release tension, find relief and feel better in sitting, standing and walking.