History and Philosophy

A Note from Mary- founder of The Spa Room:

Thank you for your interest in The Spa Room.  We are a boutique wellness studio located in the heart of Tenleytown.  I began The Spa Room in March of 2010- with a mission to create a place where people could feel confident about the professionalism and quality of their treatments, yet feel comfortable and at home.

The word spa was originally meant to describe a destination where people could come to connect and be nourished by their natural environment.  Spa was associated with the concept of coming together in community to participate in healing practices. Our goal was to re-create that original intention of “spa” as retreat within the confines of our wonderful, but often too busy city.

The Spa Room is guided by three principles: simplicity, authenticity and self-expression. Over the past four years we have developed a community of practitioners who offer experiences based on these concepts.

Our unique services range from Aromatherapy Consultations to Somatic Methods such as The Feldenkrais Method, to Relaxation 101- a workshop designed to promote self-care habits in your daily life. We also offer private yoga sessions.

We also offer therapeutic massage along with our signature spa- enhancement menu so that your bodywork experience may be equally therapeutic and indulgent.

It has been very exciting to see The Spa Room community grow and to see our clients feel so relaxed and happy.

Please peruse our website. Make sure that you take a peak at the bio’s on our Professionals page, our practitioner’s have a broad range of experience. Many of us have had teaching experience.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us.

Thank you for stopping by our website, we look forward to meeting you soon,

In health and happiness,